Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogging Ridiculousness

I transitioned to blogger from years of service with Edublogs.org due to creative differences. Edublogs served me well for a few years but began to position advertising all over the site including breaking up chunks of text with ads for textbooks.

I thought I could deal with it until they stopped allowing for embedding of videos. I tried using my MobileMe account to run a blog but it was too time-consuming with the web editor. I felt I was stepping back in to webmastering days and needing to use a WYSIWYG editors.

I know I could pay edublogs to remove ads and give me more fine-tuning for adding to the site, but I want to go the free way so I can help teachers use resources free for them as well. That said, this is my fourth blog in a short amount of 2 years.

For the uninitiated, I am not much of a blogger. I don't post often. Sometimes I will post several items during a given week. Sometimes, I won't post anything for months. My blog is not so much a pontification on an idea, but a way for me to post quick snippets from things I find online and can elaborate on in a free form.

I tend to rant about things that bother me, but I filter this too because I understand the concept of the "open web" and how colleagues read to check up on me. Other bloggers bother me, especially when they are introduced as "bloggers". I don't see this as a great achievement to be a blogger when anyone can setup a blog in a few clicks. Even more bothersome is "an award winning blogger". What's the award? Oh, a badge you can put on your blog that says "award winning blogger". Nice.

This blog will never be award winning. Thank God!