Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nice note...from a scorpion

Gus the Scorpion is the mascot for one of the elementary campuses in my district. Today he sent a really nice note to my Superintendent:

Joel Adkins is the stuff of which legend is made;
His value's beyond what can be measured or weighed.
When we need him, he's there,
Like a breath of "smart" air!
Eduphorically, he has made the grade!

Whether it is digital storytelling, podcasting student council announcements, skyping with authors/illustrators, broadcasting book trailers, and supporting student/teacher media projects, Joel has never failed to teach, encourage and assist (even in the evenings.) He always leaves you knowing more than before and excited/capable to tackle something new.

Please know that in a world of problems, good things are happening. I may be a small, quiet scorpion but I know a good thing when I see it! Joel Adkins has been a big support to Mrs. Hopkins and her pet projects. The kids at Starkey benefit greatly from his knowledge.

Please know that I am always available to assist you and our district in any way.

Best wishes and keep up the good work,
Gus the Starkey Scorpion