Sunday, June 23, 2013

Resurrection - TWAIN

I forgot I have all these other blogs sites. I cancelled my edublog account and am in the process of building a new programmable web space. What's that you ask?

Think of the web now as interactive only by means of you and I having to activate something on our devices in order to view and interact with content hosted in our various spaces. The programmable web space means the activation occurs by location or proximity to an already programmed space.

If you think of all the things we do electronically now: post a Tweet, update a Facebook, play songs online, highlight an eBook phrase, post a blog or comment, location notification, etc., we can harness those actions into a one-stop programmable space to share with others. And with the advent of wearable view screens, we will be able to look around us to view the comments, tweets, location notifications, etc. hovering over the heads of those around us in augmented reality views.

Engadget article on Augmented Reality app Twitter360 -

So my new space is being created and programmed so that you (the viewer) can keep track of what I am doing, thinking, working on, future-building, and interacting with by the minute. If I am reading a new book and taking notes, those are posted as I go. If I am tweeting, you will view my tweets but you will also be able to view the tweets I am following too.

In the meantime, this blog is up so I can share more about what I am discovering at places like ISTE 2013 and to jot down notes and ideas to share with my team in Pleasanton.

Pleasanton ISD - south of San Antonio off 281 is my new residence and employer. There I serve as the Executive Director of Instructional Technology. My role is over the Technology Department as I help guide a vision for instructional/classroom technology and help my technical support staff build the resources to support that vision.

My main focus for Pleasanton is to create an untethered space for teachers to interact with students and mobile devices in EVERY classroom and instructional space in the district. I want teachers to be able to walk around the room with a device connected to wifi and able to interact with displays that provide sound and HD video streaming. And our network will not only run 1:1 devices for BYOT but be able to withstand thresholds for 3:1 or more as needed.

It is exciting to be back in a district and to get to work with an incredible team who not only get the technology but understand the people using it as well. We have big plans for Pleasanton and I won't hold back sharing what we discover or overcome as we go.

If you are at #iste13, give me a shoutout on Twitter @mradkins or just stop me to say hello.